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About Me

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This is me, Girraj. I'm not sure how to describe myself. Let's See...
I'm not very interesting... I guess you could say I really wouldn't stand out in a crowd, especially since I tend to be quiet and untrusting. My world revolves around my family and friends, and my computer . I am pretty easy-going and love making new friends so feel free to send a Hi...but please if you tend to just be ignorant and lookin for a war of wits stop here...walk outside...and into the path of a fast, moving vehicle. I am an honest person...and I am pretty damn respectful of others. I don't judge people except on their honesty, values and how they treat me. I'm pretty much a contradiction actually. What I wear, how I act, what I do, it's all a contradiction of what I'll do the next day. But it's okay to be that way, followers suck.

Some of my favorite things... reading anything and... music... the beach- winter, spring, fall or summer, it doesn’t matter...learning! I love to learn, I think if money were not an issue I would spend the rest of my life traveling the world in search of some unanswered questions…

I Don't Like...
Ignorance, cruelty, inconsideration...small minded people who refuse to see a different who think women are inferior...women who sell themselves to please a man...people who don't play fair...people who take themselves too seriously...Bratty & Spoiled Kids…Liars…Waiting in Long Lines…

Things Id love to do in this lifetime...
*start my own ngo for poor kids
*visit Greece, New Zealand, and explore India a little more.
*start a small, creative business.
*have the undeniable biggest collection of clothes in the world.
*earn enough to achieve the above!

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Green Day
Favorite TV show: Friends
Favorite movie: October Sky
Favorite book: fountainHead
Favorite sports team: Team India
Favorite food: Being a foodie...anything goes from chinese to italian to mexican...

My Hobbies

Dance ( be it indian classical or western), Painting(its juz great to be in the world filled with colors)...not to forget Food!( I Love to EAT!!!..anything that appeals to my taste buds)

Most Admired


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